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I think Aulani might just have saved our DVC

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  • I think Aulani might just have saved our DVC

    We are in a new phase of life. Not quite empty nesters but it is there on the horizon. We are also no longer living the expat life with homes on two continents that we have lived for the past 5 years. We have a simpler life now where we both live in the same home at home and spend most of our time frankly walking the dogs now.

    We have had many huge disney trips over the years from our trips to WDW and DL as a family of 5 to a few trips as a 4 then a 3 where some of us were flying from Scotland and me from Australia and meeting there. It is fair to say that up until Easter this year life was crazy.

    When we had a crazy life our disney trips were of huge importance to us. i wasn't sure what they would yield in our new quieter life.

    Well this year we left Edinburgh at the end of July for 8 nights in the Grand Californian and 8 nights at Aulani. TBH we were dreading leaving the dogs especially since one is a rescue and we dont' want her to think we also have abandoned her. We got to the VGC and missed the dogs hugely. Please do not misunderstand me we had a perfectly nice time it just didn't have sufficient value for us to think we will come back here and do this trip again. We left thinking we have had a lovely time but we have done it and we don't have any need to do this again. So we left VGC knowing we wanted to sell our Californian DVC points and wondering if we would decide to sell the lot and not have bog long distance trips again. We have been thinking about buying a motorhome and travelling Scotland and maybe France with the dogs in future and tbh I think that is still a big part of our future plans. What we do know is that we are parked out.

    We got to Aulani 3 nights ago and as soon as we arrived we knew we would be back here and that we can see ourselves coming here as a couple of empty nesters at least once every 3 years. So we will keep our WDW DVC points for now, use them for cruises and Aulani and the occasional WDW trip but probably with no parks.

    I am however, looking for that motorhome for the in between years.

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    Aulani just melted my heart, so I total understand how it has caught yours, too. I wish I could plan on a trip there every three years, but I do intend to get back. We both loved the resort. I so glad you do, too.
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      We were at Aulani last year (during Hurricane Lane), and although the Hurricane didn't make landfall, it caused the resort to bring in all their equipment and chairs, and shut down the pool, pool deck and beach activities for 3 days. You would think that would have put a damper on our trip - BUT my husband now talks about moving to Hawaii when the kids are on their own. So I share your love of Aulani! Congrats on deciding to keep those points. I had to keep my husband from adding on!!

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        I hear you. Aulani is so beautiful. I just wish it was easier to get to from here! We're tending to use our points much more on cruises now, as we can explore more destinations. We still enjoy the parks, but like you, we're looking at other ways to spend our points.

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          My niece and her husband went to Aulani for their honeymoon. Needless to say, they will be going back They loved it!
          That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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