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    We are in need of a new mattress. I am a light sleeper and my current mattress hurts my hips without the topper. My dh’s shoulder hurts with the topper. The mattresses at WDW have always been comfortable to both of us. ( maybe because we are exhausted 😄) After researching, we have found the company that manufactures Disney mattresses. There is no equivalent on the retail market. They will sell directly to a residential home. Has anyone here bought a Disney Sealy mattress? Sealy might have one similar, but we don’t know which style. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Can't advise you other than I myself would be reluctant to order a mattress unless I knew the precise model I'd found so comfortable.

    I have an iffy back myself and must lie down on a mattress to be certain it'll support me without being too firm.

    I've owned several Sealys and would try those available in stores near you if I were you. It's such a good brand, IMO, that you can maybe find one as good as any you recall at Disney.

    Btw, we had to buy a new mattress a few years ago--and all-new fitted sheets because mattresses are all ridiculously thicker. Had you thought of that possibility? I sure didn't and was furious when I found there was no mattress currently sold that our fitted sheets could be used on.
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      We won’t order without trying it in person. We’re going to a local furniture store that has a mattress department. Our past two mattresses have been thicker so we have been buying the deep cornered fitted sheets.

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      You're clearly a better-prepared mattress buyer than I was.

      Good luck!