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  • Easy Disney pin inventory

    Obviously, I've far too many pins since I bought more duplicates unwittingly this time than ever before.

    How to inventory them for easy reference while shopping, though?

    Then, I realized I carry the perfect inventory storage method with me at WDW---my iPhone.

    I took a photo of each page of my pin case and moved the photos onto a single Note. Since I sort pins into categories--Lilo and Stitch, Walt and Mickey, Pooh and Friends, resorts and attractions we've experienced--I remember about where a given pin will be if I already have it.

    Now, all I need do is scroll the photos which are in the same order as my pin case pages to determine if I'm about to buy a duplicate.

    This method has the additional advantage of being able to take a new photo easily when I've traded pins or find I've put them back in different places: Delete the Note and compose a new one in a few minutes.

    Works like the proverbial charm.
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    Yup! We do something similar.
    We have pin boards that hang on the wall. I have pictures of each board (some of them I had to divide into two pictures). I have them in my phone and when we are trading or buying, we can easily scroll thru and see if we have one or if we need it.
    Way too many pins to remember them all!!!