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BW and Old Key West...ideas?

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  • BW and Old Key West...ideas?

    We are doing a split stay at Boardwalk and Old Key West this summer. Both are new to us but we are kind of familiar with BoardWalk (never stayed there though). Any thoughts or ideas that we consider before we go or things to try while there.

    We plan to visit Olivia's since we have been told it is a hidden gem...but are open to any ideas! Thanks

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    One of the best things about the Boardwalk area is the dining options. The Boardwalk Bakery has some yummy treats, as does Beaches and Cream over at Beach Club. Oh, and I ALWAYS suggest a meal at Il Mulino in the Swan. That is some good Italian food.

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      Ample Hills Creamery on the BoardWalk has The BEST Ice Cream. ‘Nuff said.

      Yachtsman Steakhouse in Yacht Club is a favorite of ours. Great steaks, and the roasted garlic with fresh bread is fabulous. I like the garlic on a baked potato instead of butter or sour cream.

      We enjoy riding the boat around the resort lagoon or as transport to DHS. Very relaxing in a long day of walking or for the fun of doing nothing for a while. Plus, anymore the DHS dock is far closer to the gates than the bus stop, all the more reason to ride the boat despite its various resort stops.

      Olivia’s was good with really friendly, efficient service and a comfy atmosphere. We weren’t wowed by it, but that may have been due to its having been dinner after a wearisome half day of driving. Perhaps you’ll find it more of a gem than we did.
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        BWV is my "home resort" and I love it. They are hosting 2 new painting classes there this year. I plan to try it in Sept. We have gone to a couple of classes for DVC members at BLT and it was a great time....and a wonderful souvenir.
        We love Olivia's. It is a must go to every visit.....great Prime Rib. We attended the wine tasting there last visit. It was so much fun. I love the laid back feeling of OKW.


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          Ample Hills for the best ice cream. Olivia’s for yummy casual meals. Jelly Rolls for fun evening entertainment! I just went with a group of ladies in January.


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            I have always wanted to get over to OKW to try Olivia’s. Maybe this year we’ll make it there. The whole vibe of OKW also appeals to me. Unfortunately I can’t offer any tips for BWI as none of the Epcot resorts interest me at all. We did a split stay once at the Yacht Club/Contemporary. We didn’t care for the Yacht Club at all and wished we had stayed at the Contemporary the whole trip. I just find the whole Epcot resort area so blah and magicless so the area just doesn’t do it for us. I’d much rather stay in a monorail resort.

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