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Fast Pass - Looking for your best tips for booking Fast Passes

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  • Fast Pass - Looking for your best tips for booking Fast Passes

    Our 60 day booking window for Fast Passes will be here soon! We have never booked Fast Passes online before though we have been to Disney many times without a FP system in place and using the the old "pull out a fastpass" system. We have linked our tickets (we are using ParkHoppers) into the My Disney Experience. We are early risers and like to get to the various parks for opening. I know that we can probably ride some attractions at park opening so what time do you typically make your first FP for? We are not really interested in all the new Star War stuff. Do you typically try and book a "hard to get FP" such as Flight of Passage first and then go back and fill in others? Any tips are welcome! Thanks so much.

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    Start on your last day and go for the more difficult ones first. Good luck!


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      For those hard to get, like FoP, be flexible as to which day or what time of day you get it. Since you are early risers and will be there at park opening, I would not book any FP for the first 2-3 hours unless it is one of those hard to get ones. On those, you take what you can get. Try to be online booking at the earliest possible time and have a list already written down of the rides you really want. Once you have your FP in place for your trip, you can easily go back in and adjust times of the day for the rides (except for those prized ones). Definitely get the prized ones first, bouncing from day to day, and then go back and fill in.
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        Thanks so much for these tips.


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          Definitely go for the hard to get ones first, like Flight of Passage, anything from Toy Story Land or Galaxy's Edge, if any of those interest you.

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            Hard ones first and further out on your trip. It's worked for me and others here. Those being FOP and 7DMT especially.
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