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Halloween to Christmas in MK

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  • Halloween to Christmas in MK

    I just got done watching a time lapse video of the overnight transformation from Halloween to Christmas in the MK. Pretty cool! Sorry I have no idea how to link it but it was on

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    I have seen one of those videos before and it truly amazes me how they do all of that overnight.
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      That is pretty amazing, I agree.

      I've enjoyed waking up to find our resort magically go from everyday to holiday season overnight.

      Since we usually go the week before Thanksgiving, we've gotten to see that transformation a couple times.

      The switch after New Year's isn't as much fun.

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        I actually saw a special on TV once that talked about the whole transformation of holidays at Disney. For many years, DH and I went to Disney the first week of December. Even at our resort, it was kind of fun to see what they added each night while we were there.


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          I'm always amazed by how quickly Disney is able to transform from one holiday to another....

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