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Trams are back! Only at TTC/ MK parking

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  • Trams are back! Only at TTC/ MK parking

    I visited Hollywood Studios briefly today, then drove over to the TTC for parking for MK.

    I was surprised and pleased to see trams working the parking lot at the TTC! But not DHS.

    Even better: I parked in the Scar lot, and our tram guy, Manny, was a real comedian. He gave a running commentary all the way in, using Scar's voice.

    I was especially happy to board a tram at the end of the day, in the dark and the chill--high 50s with some wind. Hey, that's cold in Florida! And I was in the next-to-last row of Scar, so it would've been a good little walk. I already had 17,000+ steps for the day.
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    How lovely to have them back again.

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      So glad to hear that the trams are finally running again.
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        I had seen several posts on the Disney College Program FB page of CPs training to drive the trams so I knew they were starting soon, but didn't know the exact date. A lot of the DCPs who started their program in June finished up last week and early this week. One of the moms posted that one of the parking supervisors/leaders gave his DCP team the opportunity to stay late one night last week so they could get a chance to drive the trams through an empty parking lot before they left since they wouldn't have the opportunity to do that as part of their program.
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