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  • Disney Mobile Food Order app

    We just added the Disney Experience app to our phones for our upcoming trip. I have heard people mention pre-ordering food. I assume that it is probably for some of the quick service restaurants. Since we will be staying at Shades of Green and do not have charging privileges in the parks, can we pre-order food? I wasn't sure if we paid when we got the food or if the charge goes directly to your Disney account. Thanks for any advice.

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    It’s charged to the credit card you have linked to your reservation.


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      I think all you need is a credit card added when ordering. Not sure since we've never used mobile ordering but saw that mentioned when reading up on it.

      What I've read says there's a point in the order process where you enter credit card info and then click "purchase." You can practice doing this in the MDE app without being at WDW but must be certain not to hit purchase to prevent accidentally ordering food you're not there to eat.

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