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  • Which one would you pick & why?

    If you were going to Magic Kingdom for the afternoon- and you wanted to do a sit- down Dinner. Which place would you pick? And why?

    I would like to see Everyone's choice and the reason why, because I am having a hard time deciding on which sit-down place in Magic Kingdom would be good.

    Thank you for Participating....
    Kate from PA

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    I would pick The Plaza because I like the location on Main Street, the menu, and ice cream for dessert.


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      The Crystal Palace for donkey hugs with Eeyore!

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        Donkey hugs with Eeyore are the best!

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      Liberty Tree Tavern...I like Thanksgiving food any time of the year.
      That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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        I haven't had a sit-down dinner or meal in MK in many years. Probably Liberty Tree Tavern. I've only had lunch there and I remember if being good. Though, if it were me, and I was only there in the afternoon and evening, I'd just eat at Columbia Harbor House or Cosmic Rays to save time.


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          Thank you but there will be a total of 5 of us...

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        Definitely Liberty Tree Tavern. The food is excellent and the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is to die for. It's not fancy, but I've never had a bad meal here and we visit every trip.


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          We tend not to eat sit down dinners at MK too often anymore but if I were to choose one restaurant then it would be Liberty Tree Tavern for their Thanksgiving meal!
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            For one reason or another, we don't do sit down at Magic Kingdom every trip. That said,, we will be eating at Liberty Tree Tavern in May because we haven't been here in a while and have always like the Thanksgiving dinner menu here.
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              Liberty Tree Tavern ~food is delicious!
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                I would have to go with the Plaza as the few times we've eaten there, it's been good.

                The last time we ate at Tony's, the food was on the table pretty much as soon as we ordered it so you could tell everything was made and just sitting there waiting. If I want "that kind" of food, I'll go to a buffet.

                As for the buffet - Crystal Palace - unless you get a first seating, lines for some reason always build up here. If you don't care if you see the characters, it's not a problem but it's the only buffet I've ever been at on Disney property with actual lines. The last time we were there, they had CM's from the kitchen out front handing out plates encouraging people to just go up to what they want to alleviate the lines. Some people didn't listen and then shot me dirty looks when I did just that.

                The one time we ate at LTT the food was okay but the service was sub par. We were given platters of food for two people, not 3, the frozen drink we ordered was messed up and the server still gave it to us saying up front "it's not right but you won't have to pay for this one." I don't think we should have gotten it in the first place, she should have said they weren't being offered that day. And that's not to mention after we did get the drink and the food, we didn't see the server again until I told Lenny and Abby to leave the table and then people rushed over wanting to help me, a single person sitting at a table full of dirty dishes - and it wasn't our server, it was other servers.

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                  Kate, I am always hard pressed to choose between Liberty Tree Tavern and Crystal Palace. I think, if I were you, I would go for LTT for one reason, ooey gooey toffee cake! Plus, they just serve such lovely comfort food! Okay, that’s two reasons.

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                    Certainly LTT for me. Great comfort food and service.
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                      I like Skipper Canteen. The atmosphere is very cool and relaxing. The menu is a bit different and very good. I have always had a good meal and good service.