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  • Space 220 Video Tour

    Talk about a stunning concept!

    After watching this video, I can understand why Disney issued their no-not-really-going-into-space disclaimer. Looks sooooo real.

    Opening Day YouTube video tour:
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    It does look real. I forgot to set an alarm, so we did not get an ADR for this restaurant in November.
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    • Her Dotness
      Her Dotness commented
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      Probably didn't matter, Cam. We were waiting for our window and had no luck.

      Talked to a DVC CM who said friends got confirmations, but he didn't get it either.

      This'll be the new can't-get-it for some time, I suspect.

    • Cam22
      Cam22 commented
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      I have a feeling you are right. Luke told me later in the day that the site crashed no longer after it opened. Too many people trying at once to get an ADR, I guess.

    • BriarRose4
      BriarRose4 commented
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      I wasn't able to get one for October. The site crashed, even though my travel agent was on the computer at 5:30am I guess everyone had the same idea. Will just wait unit our next trip in 2022.

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    Wow, that does look amazing. Now I can see why they're charging the prices they are for food, it's definitely more about the experience here than the dining.

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      That does look pretty amazing
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        It looks great! Maybe by the time we return in 2023, we might be able to get a reservation!

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