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Interesting article about food portion sizes

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  • Interesting article about food portion sizes

    I can see the argument for people's waistlines and it's good that Disney aren't just immediately thinking of increasing prices as the default - although I'm sure that will be a tempting option for them.
    Disney has provided an update on how they are looking to mitigate the impacts of inflation throughout the parks and resorts -- learn more here.

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    If you really think about it though, they are in essence increasing prices. With the decrease in portion sizes, there won't be a decrease in price. The prices will just stay the same and that's how they get you. People think "Great! Prices didn't go up" but just like at the supermarket on a lot of things there, the package sizes are smaller. Just for an example, Abby loves Cheerios and once upon a time, I could get her a 16 ounce box. That price hasn't changed but now it's only a 12 ounce box. And just to make the math easy, say it was only $1.60 for the 16 ounces, that's 10 cents an ounce but for 12 ounces, that's 14 cents an ounce I'm paying. So I guess it's all in how you look at it but as the title of your link says, it's all about "increasing profits" for them. It's just a shame it seems like there is never enough profit for them anymore.

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      Curiously, there’s been some dismay in the media and accusations of fat-shaming on our side of the pond about the waistlines remark.

      As if we aren’t all aware that eating too much DOES cause weight gain.**

      I find it curious that Americans’ generally unhealthy diet and resistance to regular exercise aren’t blamed more. Portion sizes aren’t the main problem, IMO.

      ** Please note that I make exceptions for those with medical conditions/medications that make weight loss by ordinary methods difficult to impossible.
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