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    I posted a poll a few weeks about an idea for using groups that was being discussed Backstage. Here is what I wrote for the poll. "An idea we're tossing around Backstage is using the Groups feature to provide space specifically for say October 2019 so people can arrange meet ups, seek input from fellow October travelers etc. The groups function like a mini forum and would be set up so that everyone can see and, I'm assuming, read them however only members would be able to post and your membership would be automatically approved when asked for so no lag time between requesting membership and full access. And in case your wondering Groups is it's own page if you look up at the top of the page you see Forums Blogs Articles Groups; if you click on any of those you're taken to that page. " We've decided to go ahead and test drive the idea through the end of the year. So is now a group for each month left in the year starting with July. Everyone can see and read them, however only members can post. Your membership will be automatically approved when you request membership in to a month. Each group functions like a forum and all pixiequette applies. So if you're going to DW in October join October's group and you and any other pixies can give and receive information and advice, arrange meet ups and drool over each others plans. These groups are for all travel in a particular month. So if you're headed to Italy in September and want some inuput join September. I've gotten each group started with a thread for those going to DW that month to post their dates in and have posted mine in November and December. And if your trip goes in to a second month join the group for both months. Again, we're just testing this so if the groups don't get used groups for 2020 and beyond wont be created.

    PS. I almost forgot. To get to groups look at the top of the page and you'll see Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Just click on Groups and it will take you to the groups page.

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    Hoping to find others who are going to WDW in December!
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      I hope this goes well as I will hopefully be in WDW in Dec 2020 after our cruise.
      Ta Ta For Now. Jenn

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        I hope this function is used, even though I know we won't be back at WDW until 2021. At least we have other Disney trips (and other trips apart from Disney) in the works between now and then and we always love to meet up with fellow pixies.

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          We'll be back in WDW in October 2020 for the Food & Wine Festival.
          That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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