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    Originally posted by DMA View Post
    I hope you are able to find some of what you want in the coming weeks.
    I had very few wants, in regards to dining - just three places, really. I've got one, and a bonus, now. Still trying on the other two, both on my very first full day in the parks:
    (a) Lunch at Space 220 - it just looks so cool, I have to experience it once ...!
    (b) Fireworks Package at Rose & Crown - I loved the food here last time I went, and rolling in decent seating for the fireworks show makes it even better.

    The latter one, a CM advised me might not open up for reservations at all until the current EPCOT Festival is near or at it's end. So I still hold out hope for that.

    And of course, I can check for walkup availability at either place, just to eat there, on that very day as well.

    But, if not? C'est la vie, I'll survive. The first trip I took, as a kid? The only place we ate in the parks was lunch at Pinnochio Village Haus (which is also a must-do for me this year, as a little memory/tribute to my mother).

    The second trip, as an adult? We. Were. CLUELESS. No dining reservations - and a shoestring budget for meals anyway - so the only actual reservable meal we had, was for the long-gone Donald Ducks Breakfastosaurus ... as walk-ups. That meal is what convinced us, on future trips, to have a Character Breakfast first thing on our future trips, if possible. (Which isn't happening this time, but that's more for the whole Park Reservation situation than anything else).

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