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    I know we all love trip reports. I love them too although I seem to love the pre trip portion better than the trip portion. Until I say to go ahead and post them: Please do NOT post trip reports. I need to look in to all that boring mind twisting technical backstage admin stuff and how it effects the site's cost.

    chezp has been kind enough to put together a list of Facebook trip report groups with links. Here's what you need to know about joining and the links.

    It might be worth adding that, unless someone is a member on Facebook, they won't be able to view the groups and they're all closed, meaning you have to ask to join and wait to be approved. Something else worth saying is that if people aren't already in any Disney related groups, they may want to message the administrator when they request to say they're from Pixie Dust Lane, as I'm not letting anyone join the PassPorter group or mine if I can't see any Disney links, as there have been some very strange people requesting access to both groups...

    Continuing the journey around the world - Cheryl's trip reports

    PassPorter trip reports

    Cam and Luke's Adventures - trip reports

    Have Fun, Will Travel - Super Dave's trip reports

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    Thanks for the update. I had a feeling that might be the case.

    Enjoying some relaxation time on the Transatlantic cruise on the Disney Magic - I'm Cheryl and with my husband Mark, we love visiting Disney and exploring the world...


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      Thanks for adding this!
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