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PDL: The User's Manual

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  • PDL: The User's Manual

    In this thread you'll find directions on how to do things here on PDL.

    post #2: Edit Your Signature

    post #3: Lost The Ability to Change Font, Use Bold, Additional Emojis etc.

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    Edit Your Signature (thanks for these instructions Dot)

    It's challenging to find.

    Pull down your personal menu at the upper right corner above.

    Click on User Settings. When that window opens, click on Account and scroll about halfway down the screen to "Conversation Detail Options" at the left which has teeny-tiny blue letters to its right which say, "Edit Your Post Signature."

    Don't forget to save the changes, though.


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      If you've lost the ability to change the font used in your post, or to bold, or use the "extra" emojis; here's how to recover it. Look just above the box that you type your post in and at the far right side you'll see three boxes. The first one looks like a tag, the second a capital A with a line under it, and the third a smiley face. Click on the capital A and the editing options and "extra" emojis will return.