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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party October 13 2019

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  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party October 13 2019

    So MNSSHP last night, (Tues 13th)

    We we’re in the park already so checked in about 6 with practically no queue then went on It’s a small world, Peter Pan & Pirates of the Caribbean, (Pirates said wait time of 35 minutes but we were on in about 11/12 minutes, that would be the theme all evening 🙂) and all before 7pm.

    We then did a few trick or treat stations, long queues but they kept moving so they went quite quick.

    Then it was onto Big Thunder Mountain (myself DD’A’) & Flying Carpets (DH, DD ‘J’)

    A few more trick or treat stations

    Checked out the Descendants Dance Party which DD’J’ was disappointed with as she was wanting to meet the Descendants and they only appeared on screen.

    We then went to meet Lotso and ride the People Mover & Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh then met Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet
    We watched the fireworks from Mad Hatter Tea Party, we weren’t bothered about viewing the castle as it would be mobbed!!

    To finish off we rode Barnstormer twice (myself, DD’A’) Dumbo twice (DH, DD’J’)

    We got to the bus stop about 11:10 and one came along 5 minutes later. Bus was very busy and we had to stand, DD’J’ was very tired and getting upset and was sick when we got back to the room. She hadn’t eaten any sweets so was just from being overtired, hot etc.
    We should’ve called it quits perhaps an hour earlier?

    So overall, crowds were good, was expecting it to be horrendous and lines were short. Big rides like Seven Dwarves didn’t go under 30 minutes but didn’t go much over it either. All the lines we were in went a lot quicker than stated.

    Apart from DD being sick and us being tired today, a good time was had by all oh and DD’A’ was handed an ice cream from a CM saying it was from Mickey Mouse!

    Suzanne xx

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    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about the party and I'm so glad you had a good time at it.

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      SOunds like all went well and everyone enjoyed it. Nice recap!
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