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Disney’s Hollywood Studios 12/4/20

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  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios 12/4/20

    Our final park day of this trip was DHS. My mom had decided that she was done with the parks, so she opted to stay at the resort. So, it was just me and Joel all day. We started at pre-7:00 AM, trying for that long awaited Rise of the Resistance boarding group. Funny story...just before 7:00, we’re off the wi-fi, in the room, ready to hit the join button, and my phone gives me the message that I have little to no signal. Joel and I sprint down the hall and out the door of the building at about 1 minute before 7:00! He’s watching the clock, and I have finger poised to join. I’m sure it was quite a sight! But it worked! We got a boarding group, #65. We skip happily back to the room to mobile order breakfast. That group number wound up being called at 5:06 that afternoon! Isn’t that crazy? Even after joining the queue, it was more than an hour in line before we got into the attraction, but we did finally experience RotR. I don’t want to call it a ride. It’s much more than that. It’s so immersive, it’s hard to tell where the experience actually begins. As much as I thought Pandora was a next level experience at AK, this attraction is in a category all its own. In fact, Galaxy’s Edge is definitely the most impressive “land” we’ve yet seen at WDW.

    The rest of the day was great fun, too. We walked right on the Millennium Falcon ride first thing in the morning, and went back later to do it again. We rode the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway twice, as well. It is absolutely beyond cute. I was bowled over by the ingenuity. It’s an utterly delightful ride. We managed to get to Toy Story Land and ride all three of those attractions. Slinky Dog Dash was just as much fun as we remembered from last year. The only indoor show we saw was Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. They did a great job of physical distancing.

    We ended the day after park closing at Savi’s Workshop, so Joel could build a lightsaber. Is this worth the $200 price tag? Not for the average person, but for a Star Wars enthusiast, and certainly for Joel, this was thrilling and totally worth it. His reservation was for 8:05 PM. He and the other participants took part in another immersive presentation, and the lightsaber itself was quite something. He chose his parts and pieces, and it’s real metal and looks authentic. It also came with a cloth sheath with a carrying strap and a fold over and drawstring closure. After Savi’s, we and the other dozen or so people in that experience walked out of a totally empty park. I wondered how we would get back to Art if Animation, but we were told at the exit to go to a bus and tell the driver where to take us. That was pretty fantastic. It was us and the driver.

    All in all, it was an outstanding day at DHS.

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    Your DHS day sounds incredible! We finally got to ride Rise of the Resistance, too, back in November and were so amazed.
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      I’m glad you got to experience ROTR. I think I had a boarding group of 58 the day I went. Sounds like you had a great day.
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        Sounds like a great day. We're hoping to ride ROTR in October.
        That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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          I'm glad you got to ride Rise of the Resistance, but my goodness, the wait even with the boarding pass system is crazy! I'm hoping that maybe in two years' time, which will be the next time we get back, the waits may be a little less insane.

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            I am so glad you had a terrific day in DHS. I am also hoping that we get your luck and are able to ride Rise when we go over New Year's.
            Ta Ta For Now. Jenn

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