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Question of the Day 5/26/23

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  • Question of the Day 5/26/23

    Good Friday, everyone!

    Fill in the blank. I have too much/many ____.

    I have too many t-shirts.

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    Kitchen gadgets


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      Craft products


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        That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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          Disney popcorn buckets. Over 70 buckets.
          Over 100 pounds gone. Diabetes is in remission, no more insulin. So grateful to have done weight loss surgery ( duodenal switch).


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            Yarn. I bought a bunch during the pandemic to make things to sell on Etsy while I was furloughed and it never happened.


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              T-Shirts and socks. I probably wear about 20% of the socks and t-shirts I own. I need to do a major purge. I noticed today that I have 7 pink t-shirts -- each one is a different shade of pink. And I have 6 different shades of blue t-shirts. Really. How many different shades of pink and blue t-shirts do I need???? And don't ask me how many purple ones I have.
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                Mugs... honestly we only use about a third of them.

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