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Question of the Day 9/10/19

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  • Question of the Day 9/10/19

    Happy Tuesday, pixies!

    Are you a wholesale warehouse or club shopper? In the states, I’ thinking of places like Sam’s Club or Costco.

    I do not shop at those type places. I just don’t need the bulk merchandise that they often sell. I am not someone who goes browsing for things. Generally, I just don’t find the wholesale clubs appealing. I will stock up on some things at my local Walmart, but I usually just get what I need.

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    I do enjoy a trip to Costco! I've gotten better at shopping there, but the temptation to buy more than what you need is strong. Garbage bags, paper towels, laundry detergent, dog treats, and nuts are some of the things we buy there.


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      I just got a 3 month free membership at BJ's. Doubt I will renew. I can shop cheaper at Walmart, Aldi, and sometimes Target.
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        I go to Costco maybe (4) times a year. My contact lens solution is cheaper there than in the stores.
        That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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          We did many years ago, but we didn't have an outlet near us, so we didn't use it and gave up with it.

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            We shop at Sam's Club, mainly for health care items, e.g. vitamins and supplements, which are much cheaper in the larger sizes.
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              I do. I buy all sorts of different stuff from there. Books, clothes, cleaning products, food, trash/storage bags, computer stuff, my camera.

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                We have a Sam's Club membership
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                  We use Sam’s for nearly all prescriptions and a few other things like bath soap, laundry detergent and some paper products. Just bought more Irish Spring which will last us 3-4 years. Can’t argue with that value, I suppose.

                  Otherwise, most everything they sell is in too large a quantity or is processed foods we don’t eat.
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                    We joined Sam’s Club a couple years ago because we can literally save thousands of dollars a year on DH’s prescription. Well worth the membership fee. I love shopping there too.

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                      We are Costco members. We only shop there a couple times a year because the bulk items are just too much. However, my contact lens solution and few other things are a lot cheaper there. So, it makes it worth the cost of membership for the few things we buy.
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                        I share a membership with my mother for BJ's- I mostly go there for my college son- he gets snacks, papertowels, and toilet paper for each semester. I have bought Splenda, which is quite cheaper in bulk with having 1200 packs, makes it last for a few months for me. I also buy dry cat food, the bags are bigger like 25lbs, and usually at a nice price too. However this last trip I bought Meow Mix that was 18.5 pds for $9.99. Deal!
                        I usually buy a huge bag of sliced almonds, for Christmas cookies- much cheaper there too.

                        I don't buy much...but it is tempting!
                        Kate from PA

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                          Costcooooooo! We buy all our meat there in bulk as well as milk,
                          avocado mash, hummus, cheese, nuts, some fruits and veg, always a few rotisserie chickens (meals from, then make chicken broth with the carcasses), frozen quiche and Bibigo foods, wine, vodka (to make cleaning supplies, really). And the taco kit has redefined taco tuesdays for us. It is SO good. Usually go about every 6-8 weeks.

                          ETA: ours also has Schar gluten free bread that I can eat.


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                            I am not. There are none close to us, so it's silly for me to drive the 40 to 60 minutes to get there to save a few bucks.


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                              I have a BJs membership which I share with my mom. I go about once a month for grocery items, but also buy my gasoline there.
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