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Fish & Seafood? Do U like both?Which ones of each do U prefer? None?Favorites or not?

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  • Fish & Seafood? Do U like both?Which ones of each do U prefer? None?Favorites or not?

    This topic came to mind last night as I was preparing my dinner...... Do you like fish? If so which ones? Do you like Seafood? If so which ones?
    Do you have favorites? Cook one more than the others? and.... How do you cook them? Seasoning?

    Last night I made Flounder, which I still enjoy... I like it because its a mild tasting fish. Easy to cook too. I like it with a panko breading, but for a less calorie, I baked it in the oven (however it shrunk to half its size...). I like salmon, but rarely buy it and cook it.

    Probably my favorite Seafood would be Crab Legs- steam and Shrimp- in a pan with some olive oil, salt & pepper.. Both pretty easy to cook. I usually buy uncooked Shrimp, and cook it myself.

    I don't like clams, mussels, scallops, calamari, or any other fish for that matter. I would say that I am not an adventurous eater.....

    What are your answers?

    Thank you for Participating......
    Kate from PA

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    I love most fish and seafood. My favorites are salmon and fresh tuna, either cooked or in sushi- sashimi form. Love shell fish.
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      I like salmon and mild white fish (think fish & chips). I also like tuna, both in a pouch or fresh.

      I love shrimp, crab legs (good ones), calamari done well (La Trattoria is perfection), mussels are ok. Had a bad clam at Cape May Cafe and that put me off them.


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        I like/love it all. I have an odd allergy - I cannot eat either Lobster or crab, but can eat other seafoods/fish. Last time I ate lobster, I had anaphylaxis. I know what I'm missing, but I do like breathing!


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          Funny, i used to hate fish when I was growing up, but i think it was because of the bones. I had a thing about getting a bone in my mouth.
          The only fish I ate as a kid was tunafish sandwiches!

          But now I like fish...salmon is a favorite because we love it grilled with Cajun seasoning. Tilapia and haddock are others that I enjoy.
          I don’t eat a lot of shellfish, other than shrimp.
          ~ Donna

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            While I can eat fish, I don't love it so if I have other choices, I will choose the other first. Lenny loves fish and Abby will eat it but she enjoys tuna most.

            I do like lobster but I very rarely eat it due to the cost. Usually a few small bites will tide me over for a really long time. Neither Lenny nor Abby are fond of it.

            I like shrimp and will eat it more frequently than I eat any other kind of fish or shellfish. Lenny and Abby both really like shrimp and this had become something I was making more here at home for dinners since they're zero points on Weight Watchers.

            I LOVE scallops and I had them several times this year. With my weight loss, a scallop plate will usually last me two meals now but I love the scallops so much I frequently grab the leftover ones out of the fridge and eat them cold. Lenny likes clams, scallops, and mussels. Abby doesn't really care for scallops but over the summer, she decided she liked clams. HOWEVER.......

            Having said that, when it comes to the shellfish, due to recent developments, I may not be able to have the stuff in the house anymore. Abby had clams for the first time I think back in July and really liked them. Mom got them a time or two since then and Abby ate them. 3 weeks ago however, we got dinner from the place where we get the clams and a couple hours after dinner, Abby got sick. I just thought she'd had too much to eat that day. Fast forward a week, we once again got dinner at the restaurant, I had a burger and fries, Abby had a burger, fries and a single clam (yes, just one) while Mom and Lenny ate the rest of the clams. A couple of hours later, Abby once again got sick. I know I should never assume but with how badly she was throwing up, I'm thinking that Abby has developed an allergy or something to the clams. We all ate the same food so there is no way one can convince me she got a case of food poisoning - twice - from what she ate and the rest of us didn't.

            So yeah, I don't dare let her eat clams again (she was willing to so we could know for sure that it was indeed the clams) and now I question if she'll be able to still eat shrimp (I know technically a clam is different from shrimp but still). I still have some in the house but I don't know whether I should use it up and hope for the best or just toss it and say that's it. For a kid that's been able to eat pretty much everything and anything up until now, I was really surprised that two weeks in a row she got sick.

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              I don't really like much fish or seafood. I grew up eating fried catfish because my papaw was an avid fisherman. So I do love that a lot. I also like shrimp, but have to be in the mood for it. Otherwise I will always chose chicken, pork, or beef.
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                I love seafood! My favorites are baked stuffed shrimp and scallops. I also enjoy a good lobster roll...the kind in a toasted roll with warm lobster and drizzled with butter.


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                  I like seafood. My favorites are crab, shrimp, and salmon. I don’t make seafood much because my sons don’t really care for it. I tend to order it if it’s on the menu when we eat out.

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                    I like most fish. Fried, grilled, or broiled are all good to me. I especially like scallops and shrimp. Octopus is the only big no for me.


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                      I love seafood of all types. My favourites are probably salmon, shrimp, crab and lobster.

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                        I love all seafood except mussels, which I had a bad reaction to many years ago. If it comes from the ocean, I will eat it.

                        My favorite "quickie" meal is to pan sear a half dozen sea scallops. My favorite meal with my kids is salmon. My grandchildren's favorite meal is salmon with rice and pea as side dishes. MY 3 year old granddaughter can easily eat 8 ounces of salmon.

                        I grew up near the ocean and on their days off my parents would go clamming, my father harvesting quahogs and my mother clams. We ate a lot of clams growing up but I can still taste a small (a smidgen too small to legally harvest) quahog right on the beach. My father would call us over, open it and we would enjoy.

                        While lobster was a rare sight at the dinner table (my parents would have clam bakes once or twice a year), I love lobster and spend my summers on a pursuit for great lobster rolls. In summer, I have one for lunch at least once a week and have tried them from any where-even McDonald's (fresh lobster, light on mayo but not the right roll)


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                          I enjoy them. My favorites are salmon, shrimp, and lobster.
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                            I love fish and seafood! My favorites are flounder, salmon, shrimp, crab and crayfish. Growing up we had flounder every Friday.
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                              I love seafood and some fish. My favorite fish are sole and haddock. We had either one every other week growing up.
                              ​​​​My favorite seafood are lobster, clams and scallops ( especially fried clams and scallops) and shrimp. And I make a great clam chowder.