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Question of the Day 6/28/20

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  • Question of the Day 6/28/20

    Good Sunday, everyone!

    Do you ever iron your clothes?

    I really try to avoid ironing. I do own an iron, but I only use it when absolutely necessary. I find it much more to my liking to use the clothes dryer to knock wrinkles out. Now, if only it work on my wrinkles!

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    We rarely have to iron.


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      Nope. I make a homemade wrinkle spray: 1/4 cup fabric softener, 1/4 cup vodka, and about 2 cups water in a spray bottle. Spritz soothes when damp or dry. Wrinkle hang out and they smell nice, too


      • Her Dotness
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        Seriously? That works like those pricey wrinkle-relaxing sprays?

        Hmmmm, I don't use liquid fabric softener or vodka. Ya think soaking dryer sheets in gin would work? J/K, I hasten to add!

      • graygables
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        I bought a big jug of cheap softener and a big jug of vodka (that was fun) and it lasts forever.

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          Drew has some linen shirts that must be ironed to look decent. I haven't anything anymore that needs ironing.

          I actually don't mind ironing. The smell of a hot iron on fabric reminds me of pulling sun-dried clothes off a clothesline when I was a kid. A fresh and clean smell, yanno?

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            I rarely iron. I try to buy fabrics and clothing that will not need ironing as I just don't take the time to do it.
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              No, I check clothes in the shop to see what they're like (the scrunch test, my mum calls it) and check they don't need ironing, so I just hang them up and let them work it out themselves.

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                  Kate from PA

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                    Practically never and only when doing so is the only method that works. That means that I've already tried the toss the item in the dryer with a damp cloth and run the dryer method and used the steamer before finally resorting to ironing. And even when ironing I'll only iron the parts that I know are going to show.


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                      Rarely. I don't buy anything that is going to need to be ironed on a regular bases. I even send my husband's dress shirts (that he wears to work every day) to the Dry Cleaner to be laundered and pressed so I don't have to do it.
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                        Since I've retired, most of my clothes don't need ironing. But I do still iron some of Luke's and my shirts. I'll do several at a time, so I don't usually iron more than every 2 or 3 months.
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                          No ironing here. If something needs to be de-wrinkled, I hang it in the bathroom and turn on the hot water so the steam takes the wrinkles out.


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                            Rarely, but I do it for our 'dress shirts'. If DH is going to go somewhere, I want him to look nice.