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  • Question of the Day 9/16/21

    Do you now or have you ever owned a camping trailer? With DH retiring next year we thought about buying a small camper, no bigger than 25’. We went out and looked at some. I really liked them. Only issue I have is I have never gone camping in my life and not so sure I’d enjoy it. I’m not much of an “outdoorsy” person. Plus they’re definitely not cheap. Thought maybe someday we would rent one and see what we think.

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    The only camping I have ever done was in a tent. If I camped now I'd want a camper.
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      Only camping i have ever done was when I was in youth group at church.
      That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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        We have never owned a camper and never will. My idea of camping is staying in a hotel without room service. We went "camping" with my SIL and her husband several years ago. I use the term "camping" loosely because they have a very nice camper -- more like an apartment on wheels: full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, full bath, satellite TV, etc. The accommodations were fine (but a bit tight for 8 people), but the amount of work it took to set up and tear down "camp" at each campground (we went to 2 campgrounds that week) was more work than I care to do on a vacation or "relaxing" weekend. After that experience, we told them that the next time we decided to "camp" together our family would stay at a nearby hotel and just spend the days with them and return to the hotel at night.
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          I am a former Boy Scout Mom. Spent many weekends sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and making s'mores! And sleeping on the ground in a tent.
          I live and love to play in the Alaska "wilderness." With a few caveats these days! As I have gotten older, the whole sleeping in a tent and peeing in the woods just doesn't do it for me!
          The last scout trip I assisted with was a 5 day "50-miler" biking trip. I participated as a support vehicle carrying water, food and the first aid kit! Two other moms and I decided that we were not up to the whole tent thing so we pitched in and rented a C-class motorhome. It was awesome!!! It was a great size for the three of us. We had a bathroom and a warm, dry place to sleep at night and a frig for food. We still did most of the cooking with the boys over the campfire and they all had their tents/shelters and the woods/outhouses. I would do a little cooking (mostly making my tea in the am) in the camper.

          My sister and I recently purchased a 24 foot Airstream Argosy tow behind (from 1975). Again - loving the bathroom, kitchen, warm/dry bed, kitchen, frig etc, and a place to escape the bugs and bears. And I still enjoy cooking over the fire (legacy of all the scout trips I would imagine). I went camping in it a few times last summer and loved it. It was great to get out of bed, make some tea and sit and sip and wake up slowly without having to start a fire just to have something hot to drink. There are soooo many advantages of bringing your "home" along with you.

          The C-class is all-in-one. You drive the camper. If you want to have a TOAD (vehicle you tow behind for other driving around) you can do that. We didn't because it was just 5 days. The motorhome was easy-peasy to drive (just like driving a really big truck if you ask me). The slide outs were easy - just push a button to put out or in. There were a few things to learn, but not difficult at all really.

          The Argosy (name Gypsy Rose) is a little more involved. Learning how to hook and unhook, how to back up a trailer etc. But still not really all the difficult. We don't find it all that difficult or time consuming. With newer campers it can be a little more involved, but Gypsy is easy as pie. Even dumping the tanks was not difficult (although it could be messy if you don't know how).

          If you really want to test the waters - rent a Class-C. Take it out for a weekend at least or longer if you can manage! See if it is something that you might want to do long term or more often before taking the plunge.

          DH and I are anxiously looking forward to the day when we can retire and get our big truck and 5th wheel and check out the rest of the country!


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            When I was a kid, we camped, first with a tent and then later with the smallest Winnebago. I think I've camped maybe twice with Luke early in our marriage. Neither of us plan to ever do so again. It's just not for us.
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              We started our camping career with multiple tents (different sizes and configurations). We then upgraded to a tear drop camper. It was nice to be out of the elements, but it didn't have a bathroom. So, we had to either camp with someone that would share their bathroom or at a campground that had a bathroom. We still have the tear drop, but have now upgraded to a motorhome. It is really nice to have everything all self contained, but it can be a little difficult to explore in. It is only 26 foot, but it is older and doesn't have the get up and go of newer models. As we are getting closer to retirement we are considering getting a truck and tow behind camper to have the best of everything. If you enjoy being in the outdoors, camping is just a way to take your bed with you.
              Ta Ta For Now. Jenn

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                I grew up with a 15’ camping trailer. In 9 years, 1.5 of that was spent in that with my parents and 2 older brothers. We literally saw the world in it. That said, it did not have “facilities”, so finding a shower/toilet in Turkey was…interesting. 😂

                I did love the idea of having my home with me and it gave birth to my tiny house dreams. Since my surgeries, I’ve moved toward the Class A dream and am looking to do that in a few years. Rent my “sticks and bricks” and travel until I’m tired of it, then rent the Class A for families who want a camping FL vacation without the hassle.

                I am NOT a “camper”. I enjoy a hike in a pine or autumn forest every so often and a campfire is nice, but I have a Trader Joe’s radius 😝

                I definitely think renting is a good way to go, just be sure to rent what you think you’ll be able to live with to get a better idea.


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                  I grew up camping with my parents and sisters. We went camping many weekends each spring, summer, and fall to local places, but we also took many longer trips up into Canada and up and down the east coast. On my first trip to Disney we camped at Fort Wilderness and I absolutely loved it! I have a lot of great camping memories with my family and the other families we often camped with. That said, my husband and I have no desire to camp ourselves. One thing I earned is that camping is A LOT of work! Neither of us want to put in the work, we’d rather stay in a hotel. We did take our boys camping one time and stayed in a cabin. That was less work and we had fun, but none of us are too excited to do it again. We prefer hotels.

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                    No & no.


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                      As a child, my family enjoyed tent camping. As an adult, my DH and I bought a fifth wheel type camper. It was 36 feet long and had 3 slides that came out of it once we had parked it in a campground. While we used it a lot the first 3 or 4 years, it was a lot of work. Because we both work, we typically used it on weekends and because of that, our yard really suffered because we were not home to take care of it. And, who wants to mow after being at work all day. We ended up selling it because we really liked staying in hotels better!


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                        Never. I like my luxuries on vacation too much.

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                          There is something to be said about sitting in the woods with a lovely campfire and just being there. Totally can recharge the batteries! And with a camper you don't end up sleeping on the ground or in a tent! :-)
                          However, I totally get where you are coming from!