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Question of the Day 11/23/21

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  • Question of the Day 11/23/21

    Good Tuesday, everyone!

    If you work for an employer, will there be a company gathering during the holiday season this year?

    My company is serving us breakfast this morning and announcing the amount of our annual bonus. We are all vaccinated, and several have already had boosters, so we thought we would go ahead and get together for 30 minutes. We are excited about the bonus!


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    No, we are dispersed and still many working from home or permanently remote.

    DD3 works at Universal’s call center and they had a holiday meal last week to kick off the season. Universal also give free turkeys to TMs every year


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      My husband’s employer is having a Christmas party but we are not going. I know he would like to go because he has worked there for almost 40 years and has never missed one and he is retiring in May so this will be the last one but this years party is going to be different and we just aren’t comfortable with it. They have decided to have it at the local Yacht Club with mostly hors d’oeuvres set up in several stations to encourage mingling and socializing. It says that right on the invite. I wasn’t crazy about buffet style dining even before Covid and I’m sure not doing it now in a room full of people drinking and hanging around all the food. We also know for a fact that many of teachers and staff don’t believe in the vaccine. DH and myself are vaccinated and due for our boosters but I’m still not going to put myself in such a stupid situation. I have risk factors and although they say the vaccine most likely will lesson the severity I’m not willing to take the risk. I told DH that instead of the invite saying “Come celebrate Christmas with us” it should have said “Come catch Covid with us”.


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        That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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          Enjoying some relaxation time on the Transatlantic cruise on the Disney Magic - I'm Cheryl and with my husband Mark, we love visiting Disney and exploring the world...


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            The holiday get togethers have diminished over the past 20 plus years for my work.
            And I'm thinking that Covid may have been the death blow.
            Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out over the next couple weeks.


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              My work has never had a holiday party. That said, the teachers that teach on the same "team" as I do usually get together over the holidays. One of the teachers is hosting a holiday gathering for our team later in December.

              My husband's job used to have a nice holiday party, but as the years went on and more people stopped attending, the party stopped, too. Now, his work provides a really nice holiday meal usually a day or two before Christmas.

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                We are retired so no to this year. When I taught a group of us teachers organized a Secret Angel gift exchange that culminated in a breakfast on the last morning before Christmas break.
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                  My husband's company stopped having them probably 10 years ago. They used to have a formal event and held it at a hotel so people could stay overnight. Then they outgrew the hotel ballrooms they started having it in a beautifully decorated field house at a local college. But even that venue became crowded so they stopped having a holiday party, which is a shame because it was always a lovely event.
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