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Question of the Day 11/24/21

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  • Question of the Day 11/24/21

    Happy Disney Wednesday, everyone!

    Do you recall what “got you hooked” on all things Disney?

    I remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney on television when I was a kid. I just loved it all, but especially the music. The music still speaks to me these days, too.

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    Every Sunday night watching the Wonderful World of Disney as a family. I always enjoyed the nature programs.
    That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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      I was watching Walt Disney Presents on Sundays when I was young. And Mickey Mouse Club on Saturday mornings. It was a Disney weekend.


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        I didn’t have TV growing up, it I received records as gifts and loved listening to them. Then I went to Disneyland as a young teenager and that got me. It was Walt who imprinted on my DNA and his perseverance and passion..


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          I remember watching The Wonderful World of Disney as a kid but I don’t really recall growing up with a passion for Disney. I don’t even think I knew DisneyLand or DisneyWorld were real places. My parents never went anywhere on vacation so I didn’t even know what a vacation was. Then Tom suggested going to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon when I was 19. It was the first time I had been anywhere. That was in 1981 and it was just the Magic Kingdom then but I was hooked.


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            My parents took me and my sisters to Disney in 1985. I don’t remember too much, but I must’ve loved it because that was the start of my Disney obsession. I remember asking my parents all the time to go back and they finally gave in in 1991. I guess the rest is history because I’ve been on several trips since then.

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              I'm another who remembers watching The Wonderful World of Disney. But seeing Mary Poppins and Bambi in the theater sealed the deal.
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                Watching the Wonderful World of Disney. In 1974 I went to Disneyland and in 1975 Disney World.
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                  I was born in 1971, so grew up in that 20'ish year time period that there wasn't Disney on tv. I went to Disneyland with my mom a couple of times when I was young, once as a teen with my stepdad's sister, and also with my dad. I was a late bloomer where Disney addiction is concerned. And while I'd always enjoyed going, it wasn't until after my maternal grandmother died in September 2004 that I became an obsessed Disney addicted freak. I'm not sure why my grandmother's death flipped that switch but it did.


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                    For me, it was two things - firstly Eeyore, which came from a love of the donkey who lived in our field where my parents live and secondly, it was the 1987 trip I took with my parents to Disney World. I just remember being in Epcot, in particular, and thinking "I could happily stay here forever and never leave".

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