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  • Question of the Day 1/14/22

    Good Friday, everyone!

    For those who are pet owners, do you ever dress them up? For those who don’t have pets, do you like to see pets dressed up?

    We don’t have pets. I suppose I don’t mind people dressing up their pets, but I do think it’s kind of silly. I guess that’s the point?

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    My DD and I just discussed this yesterday. Cold climate pets definitely need something if they are outside much. The groomers always tied a seasonal bandana to send our dog home. I thought I was against pet clothes until my DD pointed out that parents dress their children up, and pets do fall into that category. So I’ve evolved my opinion to say as long as the pet tolerates it and no one gets hurt, there is no harm.

    And 2 minutes on TikTok reveals some very tolerate pets and imaginative owners


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      DD has tried Remy in a few things, but he can Houdini out of most. She just wants to get a quick photo anyway. Youngest has a raincoat for her new pup and he’s happy in it.


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        When Ed's greyhound, Jinx, was alive he had a winter coat. He loved to put it on because he knew he got to go outside to play in the snow. Without it on he could not tolerate the cold. If you got it out, he would try to get into it even if you had it in the wrong direction.
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          I have a cat and he even hates a collar, no to dressing him up.
          ​​​​One DD has a dog, Sam, and she has put Halloween costumes on him. He doesn't mind it.
          ​​​One DS and DDiL have 2 Labradoodles. They do wear a snugglie type blanket/jacket (?) thing. The "girls" l like having them on.


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            We have an 85 lb. black lab/akita mix who is not fond of being dressed in anything. We have a sweater and a "coat" for her for cold weather but rarely put them on her. She spends most of her time in the house but doesn't seem to mind the cold when she is outside. It can be 20 degrees with a wind chill of -10 and she still meanders through the yard like it's 70 and sunny outside while she finds the perfect place to pee.
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              We have a cat. There is no way we could get him dressed.
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                We do put a jacket on our dog if raining but that is pretty much it.


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                  We don't have any pets. I completely understand dressing them up when it's cold and some of the Christmas outfits I saw this year were adorable, but at other times of the year, I'm not keen on it. It doesn't feel natural to me.

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                    Silly, unless for the pet's well-being, is my reaction, too.

                    Although, years ago, I knew a couple who had a mini Schnauzer pair. The female loved to do a fashion show. She had several really cute outfits, even a Minnie Mouse costume that was darling. The woman went with the dog into their kitchen. When the dog was costumed, she'd trot into their living room and circle the coffee table between their two sofas then sit off to one side, waiting until everyone applauded. Then, she'd dash back to get changed to the next outfit.

                    The cutest other than Minnie were a "Christian Diog" tee shirt and a Burberry trench coat with a beret.

                    Really a very amusing performance.

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                      My Victorian bulldog wears her coat in the cold weather.
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                        I never dressed any of my cats. My oldest probably would have let me, but they were indoor cats and I didn't see the point. I do understand and agree with the coats and even boots you'll see dogs wearing in cold and/or wet weather. I even understand and agree with putting some sort of boot/shoe on them when it's hot to keep their paws from getting burned. But dressing them up just to dress them up doesn't make sense to me. However, I definitely don't object to seeing them dressed up. Some of the outfits you see for pets are very cute and/or funny.


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                          Pretty sure both my cats would either shred something or pee in my bed if I tried to dress them up.

                          The dogs I have had over the years were okay with bandanas and coats (when it was cold) and I managed to convince two of them to wear butterfly and bat wings for one Halloween, but that's all I've ever tried.


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                            I find it silly and ridiculous. I'm firmly in the "pets are not children nor should they be considered such" frame of mind. I love mine, but they are not my kids. That said - our short haired dogs have always had coats for winter, usually with their names embroidered on them. Other than that, nope. We don't allow the groomer to put bandanas on even. Just not our thing.


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                              We have cats and a dog. The cats would not tolerate being dressed up. The only thing Dixie our dog would be happy wearing is the occasional bandana.