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  • Question of the Day 9/9/22

    Good Friday, everyone!

    Yesterday was a day of monumental change for the people of the UK. Do you have one of those “I remember where I was when” memories? I certainly remember where I was on 9/11/01 when I heard of the attack on the US.

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    9/11/01...I worked (16) miles from NYC. When we heard the attacks on the radio, we went outside and saw the fighter jets flying overhead towards NYC. (7) people from my hometown lost their lives in the World Trade Center...(1) was from my high school graduating class.
    That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.
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      9:11 for sure, Another for me was Elvis’ death. I’d spent the previous year in Germany watching Elvis movies on Monday nights on our little black & white TV after we finally got 1 channel of American TV. We’d just moved back to the States and I was on my grandparents living room floor watching a big color TV for the first time when they announced it. I thought it was fake news because the images didn’t match what I’d seen in the movies. I didn’t understand that they were old and so was Elvis.


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        Of course, 9/11. And, the assassination of President JFK. I was in a class at school and when it ended teachers were in the hallways crying. It was something I'll never forget. And being from MA.....he was one of our own..


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          Definitely 9/11 and also when Princess Diana died.


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            Definitely 9/11, Princess Diana and the Space Shuttle crash.
            Ta Ta For Now. Jenn

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              I clearly remember where I was during the 9/11 terrorist attack, when Diana died, and when the space shuttle exploded (both times). I was very young, but because of my parents' reactions, I have vague memories of the assassination of JFK. I don't remember where I was at the time (I think at home) when we heard about MLK's assassination and that of Robert Kennedy. I also remember the Kent State massacre and telling my dad I was never going to college. He assured me it would be better when it was time for me to go, and thankfully, he was right.
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                I remember 9/11, what I was doing, etc. I can tell you almost everything I did that whole day - including I ended up going to a very, very, very large Starbucks with our lawyer's secretary and youngest DD - it was packed, but so quiet I swear I could hear wrist watches ticking.....
                I remember the Challenger, Diana, Mother Theresa - but not in as much detail. Just remember "Oh yeah, I remember when I heard/saw about that".

                Something that is odd to me: We all remember these things. Talking to DD, her friends, and husband - they don't. To them, these things are really just history, things that just happened in books. They know they were alive when it happened, but they were so young, they don't remember it. It's the same to them as Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam War, Kennedy, etc is to me. Which works out pretty well because DGS #1's b-day is 9/11/19 and DGS # 2 is scheduled to be evicted 9/11/22 (Sunday!!)


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                  9/11 (happens to be my Uncle's birthday)
                  Challenger Explosion (happens to be my Mom's birthday)

                  More locally related...In the line of duty deaths of co-workers:
                  One killed by suspect he was pursuing
                  Two killed by son of a man they were trying to arrest
                  Two in a helicopter accident during a search and rescue
                  Two more killed in a plane crash


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                    Wow, so many - 9/11 (driving home), the death of Princess Diana (in bed, woke up to it), Space Shuttle explosion (watched it live on TV as a child), the death of Prince Philip (working listening to the radio when they broke into normal programming), the death of the Queen Mother (with my parents), the London terrorist attacks (in Stockholm - a waiter told us as we had lunch), London getting the Olympics (on the train to Oslo airport), the Dunblane shootings (I read the news out live on radio), the Oklahoma bombings (I was on work placement at a radio station). As I say, so so many things. I guess it's because I'm a former radio journalist that stuff like this really sticks in my mind.

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                      I remember when Diana died as well as Elvis and the two Space Shuttle explosions. 9/11 is more vivid. I was at work when I heard this and no accident when the second plane hit the towers. My brother was working in NYC and saw the second plane hit.

                      One other thing about 9/11 is I went to Australia and New Zealand on a trip in July. Originally, I thought about going to China and other parts of Asia. Someone in my family said Aus/NZ would be a better place to visit. So I changed my plans. I had not booked anything on the China trip. When 9/11 happened United flight 93 sounded very familiar. For the China trip, I was going to fly to San Francisco and then to Beijing on the trip. Departure date was 9/11 and on United 93 out of Newark. I still had my trip notes for the trip and why flight 93 sounded so familiar. I checked my notes and I had it in my notes for my itinerary. It was something else seeing this and a real wow moment. Glad I changed my plans. I'm sure there are many coincidences others had like this.
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                        Like all the people who weren't in the Towers because they overslept or their kids were sick or they missed a bus or stopped for coffee. Amazing how the little choices can so completely change the course of our lives.

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                      Let's see... 9/11 on the bus going to work. John Lennon's assassination at home watching tv. The Challenger exploding at school. Princess Diana at home. January 6th's invasion of the capital waiting at the bus stop to go to WalMart. Jim Henson's death I was reading the newspaper while eating breakfast in Washington DC while there on a high school trip as part of a program called Close Up. Other things I remember hearing about Rodney King and the riot(s) that started, Ronald Regan's attempted assassination, the Berlin Wall coming down and there are likely more that I'm not thinking of at the moment. Well, this jaunt down memory lane has made me feel every one of my 50 years.


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                        Good Grief....I didn't even think about Jan 6th. I was at work and watched the ongoing coverage of the events as they happened.
                        And thinking about this, it made me remember another work day when the compound at Waco burned. We had a tv going in one office and we were all able to go watch it here and there throughout the day as that unfolded.

                        And I'm feeling old too.

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                        Sigh... I'm adding Waco, Mr. Rogers, and Columbine to my list.

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                        And, if I start thinking about the things that I've been alive for but don't really remember I feel even older.