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    Originally posted by jenifermg0 View Post
    Use that family connection!!! Advocate for yourself and let Mark advocate for you!
    There is something going on and it is not just a headache and tinnitus!

    My DH was having pain in his neck, was having balance issue and losing some dexterity with his fingers (which he needs for work!!).
    Went to our regular doctor/clinic. The doctor there literally told DH that "Well, you're getting old. Get used to it."
    When DH told me that, I just about lost it!!!!!! I sat at my desk fuming for about 5 minutes and then called an orthopedic office that I had been to for a broken wrist.
    They didn't need a referral (fortunately) once I told them what was going on and, even more fortuitously, they had an appointment open up for two days later whThanile I was on the phone with them.
    DH ended up with neck surgery - his spinal cord was being pinched in three places and the vertebrae in his neck had lost (due to age) almost all the cushion between them. And it was only going to continue to get worse without surgery.

    If I hadn't pushed the issue and called someone else, he would still be hurting and going to the ER and using pain meds that really didn't work (he needed a nerve medicine not pain medicine).

    Please keep us posted and we will all be sending you pixies to figure out the problem and for you to get a solution!
    Thank you so much! I felt better today, and even filled out all the paperwork for the new doctor and mailed it out. Then I should get a call with an appointment.

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      Best wishes for 1) speedy appointment and 2) a diagnosis of something that's quickly and painlessly cured. 🤞🏻

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        Hoping you get an appointment with the new doctor soon so you can get some relief. Headaches are not fun.