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The bad, the good, and I learned a few things

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  • The bad, the good, and I learned a few things

    I swear, we have so much going on on a regular basis. It's nuts. This is just a short recap of this week!
    The Bad:
    1. Our weather is nuts. One day, it's 70° and nice, followed by 3-4 days of rain, snow, cold, wind, and just nasty - usually with 30° temps.
    2. DD Lauren's car decided to die. Well, the car runs, it just doesn't go Vrrooom. There are really no mechanics that can even look at it for at least another 2 weeks! In the interim, she's driving my car and DH and I are sharing our trucks. One of them, the one neither of us prefers to drive is a 24 year old 3/4 ton with a long bed, loose steering, and no bluetooth.
    3. Grandson #1, the 3 year old, and his father were in an accident. Ex-SIL and DGS are okay, the car is totaled. It looks awful. DGS doesn't even have a bruise or a scratch. Ex-SIL has some bruises from the airbag and the seat belt. Other than that, he's good.
    4. The phone call telling me (the accident was just down the road from us) really messed with my head. DH and I were out to dinner and I completely fell apart. It took me a day to realize it was because the last time I answered the phone and was told a 3 year old I loved and was related to me was in a car accident, I attended her funeral within the week (our niece was killed in an accident 25 years ago this month)
    5. My very, very good friend, who has quite a few medical issues, has avoided COVID all this time, despite her husband and adult children all getting it (her hubby was hospitalized for a week last year). Last Sunday, her brother flew into town, and they were in the car together for 3 hours. He started feeling ill Sunday night, and tested positive. She got ill on Monday and tested positive Monday night. I guess the new strain is very fast acting!

    The Good:
    1. As I said, DGS and his father are unharmed from their accident.
    2. After 3 years of working from home, I went to the office today - I'm still working from home, we're remote now, but I've been "volun-told" that I'm leading a Leadership/Management Summit next month. It will be open to all supervisors and above in the entire corporation (about 1200), with attendees having the option to attend in-person or in Zoom. (I'm leading the part in my area)
    3. While at the office, my old office mate/ Cubicle neighbor met up with me and we went to lunch! It was amazing!
    4. We have a couple of extra car seats so ex-SIL can still have one while he waits to be able to buy another. (see what I learned)
    5. Both grandsons are finally done taking antibiotics for their ear infections!!
    6. My friend is, while not well, not overly ill.

    What I learned:
    Did you know that carseats that are involved in a car accident, no matter how minor it is, and even if unoccupied should ALWAYS be replaced? The theory is you can't tell if the body of the car seat has been damaged/weakened by the force exerted on it, and should be replaced or it may fail in the next accident. Also, car insurance will often pay to replace it.
    I also learned that going to lunch with work mates is much more fun than eating a PB&J at home!

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    Good grief! I'm physically, mentally, and emotionally drained and exhausted just reading all of that. So happy and relieved that your dsg Home and his dad are okay. The pixies are on their way for your friend and to help you recover from your week. Unfortunately they've recently developed an obsession with toothpicks, balloon creatures, and marshmallow fluff and they seem to have made friends with a troop of chimpanzees. I'm sorry and I hope you don't end up having to attempt to remove marshmallow fluff from a chimps fur/hair.


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      Peanut butter removes marshmallow fluff - I shall purchase some immediately!

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    My goodness, your week has been crazy. Thank goodness they were both ok after the accident. That could so easily have been worth and I'm not at all surprised you fell apart when you got the news, especially what you went through all those years ago - that stays with you forever.

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      Wow, Teresa! You have had quite a week! Many pixies that your friend overcomes the Covid symptoms quickly and easily. I am so, so glad that the other stuff is going to be okay. Whee!!

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        Wow! You have, indeed, had a week like none other. I am so very that your DGS was not injured and that his father is also ok. Good luck going forward with all that needs to be done. I'm glad you got some time with your co-worker, and hope the big meeting goes well.
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          After that week, you need a "me vacation". Glad that there are no injuries from the accident. Best wishes that all will be ok with everyone.


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            Wow! What a week you've had! I'm glad that your friend isn't *too* sick with Covid and that no one was seriously injured in the car accident. I've always stayed informed about car seats. When I had kids in car seats and would go to car seat checks (or get pulled over for a random check), the inspector was always shocked that I installed the seat myself and didn't have a CPST install it for me. I just recently bought a new Britax Marathon for my car for my grandson and I have to say, that thing is a dream to install properly. I had bought one 6 years ago for my granddaughter and while it was easier to install than the Marathons I had for my kids (my youngest is now 18, so it's been awhile!), this new one is exponentially better than even that 6 year old seat. It literally takes me about a minute to install it. I highly recommend it! Anyway, I also wanted to mention that the NHTSA actually changed the "rules" about car seats involved in car accidents. If it is a minor accident, the seat doesn't need to be replaced if the following criteria are met:
            • The vehicle was able to be driven away from the crash site;
            • The vehicle door nearest the car seat was undamaged;
            • There were no injuries to any of the vehicle occupants;
            • The air bags (if present) did not deploy; AND
            • There is no visible damage to the car seat.
            ​My daughter-in-law is a Certified CPST. Some car seat manufacturers do still recommend replacement after any accident even if the child isn't in the seat when it happened. It sounds like your ex-SILs accident did *not* meet these criteria but I'm just mentioning it for others who might be reading. Of course, it's never bad to replace the seat if someone is unsure or just would feel better by doing that, but if the above criteria are met (and the seat manufacturer doesn't recommend replacement), insurance might not pay for a new seat. Personally, I'd probably replace my seat no matter what.
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              What an overwhelming week you have had! Thank goodness no injuries in the car wreck!
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