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    Has anyone ever tried using a "Meal Delivery Program" (such as Home Chef, Blue Apron. Hello Fresh) that provides all ingredients and a recipe for a meal you picked to make? I keep getting emails about them so I am just curious if anyone has tried out a program and if you liked it. I just priced out a 5 meal plan that would cost $99.00 without any discount and feed 2 adults. DH and I always have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner.

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    I thought about it. Too pricey $$$ for my budget. I like the idea though.
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      That’s way too expensive. I can cook twice as many meals for my DH and myself easily for that. I probably only spend about $200 a month on groceries and I cook every night. I totally understand how nice it would be though.


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        Oh, I agree that all the meal programs are a bit high in price. However, if I knew that people had tried them and liked them, it might be a good splurge just to try something different.


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          We watch a vlogger on YouTube and I know for a while they did Hello Fresh and would actually vlog about making the meal here and there. I remember the last video I saw, they said they were having a repeated problem with ingredients not being usable when they received them and IIRC they said they were just going to use up the credit they were given and be done with them. That was a few months ago however so I don't know if it was something that happened to everyone and was resolved or if it's still an issue as I don't even see commercials for them anymore. Just the Blue Apron people.

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            Too pricey for me. Although I do think they'd be fun to try.


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              I think they're too expensive but it would be nice to know ahead what dinner would be without the I don't know that happens several times a week.
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                Question I’d have is whether their feeds-2-adults would be adequate for your appetites unless portion reduction is desirable.

                DH suggested trying one not long ago, but the drawback for us is their limited or nonexistent ability to handle food allergies and intolerances. May not be a concern for you but renders us unable to try those services.

                I don’t know that that’s such a bad price for 5 meals since you’ll usually get more exotic ones than standard American comfort foods. And, if you aren’t familiar with many seasonings, those services could be a way of getting new ideas to expand your tastes since they provide the amount suggested. You wouldn’t end up paying $6-10 for a jar of some herb you find one or both hate.

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                  Too $$$ for us, too. I use Plan to Eat that helps us meal plan and shop (we use Walmart grocery pickup)


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                    My DD did it at the beginning of medical school. She did not have many cooking skills and they were an easy way for her to make home cooked meals. She probably did Home Chef for close to two years. She also found it saved her time because she didn't have to go to the supermarket, money because there is no opportunity to pick up impulse purchases and most important improved her cooking skills to the point that she no longer uses them and cooks from recipes she finds on line. I also agree that not buying spices for just one meals saves a lot, but they send the recipe card so if you like something you can make it again.

                    She either shared a two person meal with her BF or me. Three portions were plenty big enough and sometimes she pout away one serving for the next night. They also had a good number of tasty vegetarian meals (I am a pescatarian). Overall the quality of food was pretty good. I shop at Whole Foods and I thought the produce was not always perfect. You can get a refund if you believe one or more component arrives in less than satisfactory condition. There were a few times my DD should have done this but she crunched for time and never did. Veggies without a good shelf life sometimes were a little wilted on the ends.

                    I would highly recommend them for anyone who needs a boost in cooking skills or even confidence in cooking.

                    Because she was in medical school, she seldom ordered more than 2-3 meals a week.


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                      I actually started with Blue Apron 2 years ago, because I had a Groupon. I then ordered HelloFresh because I wanted to do a comparison. We only do the 3 meal plan, which cost $59.97. You can choose which meals you want from the weeks' options, and they have vegetarian options as well. They do a pretty good job listing common allergens, but if you have many allergies, you're probably safer not joining. Also, you always have the choice to skip a week, as long as you do it by the scheduled time. I always skip around the holidays because who needs the extra food. Of the 2, I think Blue Apron has fresher food, but HelloFresh has more choices. One thing they don't openly point out is that "premium" choices, and options that give you lunch the next day, are $10 extra. It is nice to not have to shop, but I get that it can be pricey.


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                        Thanks for all you replies. We have decided against trying a meal plan for now. We do have a "meals to go" place near us that has a huge variety of prepared meals to go that we love so we will continue to go there when we want something different for dinner.