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    I'm curious if you've ever binge read an entire series of books or everything by an author. I've binge read two series. The first was over ten years ago when I first started reading JD Robb's "In Death" series. Much more recently, in ten and a half months (2017/2018) I read all 33 books in the Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman. Both of these authors released a new book in their respective series on the fifth and I plan on getting and reading both books. I have to say that I went through withdrawal when I finished the Alex Delaware books. I was hooked and totally invested in the characters to the point that it felt like I was loosing friends. Of course that probably speaks to how well written the books are, how well developed the characters are and the fact that I read all 33 books in ten and a half months without reading anything else in between the books.

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    I haven't ever really binge read, though I do love series. I tend to switch back and forth among several.
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      Never. I find it very hard to find time to read and tend to only read three or four books a year. I'm not a fan of fiction, so I tend to try and find travel books or autobiographies/biographies that interest me.

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        Oh, sure, although some were merely 4-6 book ones.

        I’m almost fanatical about finding the first book if I happen onto a later one that seems appealing. I want to read a series straight through.

        I don’t read series nearly as often now as when I worked at Borders and could check out books to see if I liked them enough to buy. Consequently, most series I’ve read have been as each book was released.

        I thoroughly enjoyed the first dozen or so of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series and Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books, the latter the basis for HBO’s True Blood. Disappointingly, bothbecame really stupid.

        I’m very picky about the quality of the writing so have only kept buying Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and detective series by C.S. Harris and Jacqueline Winspear. Come to think of it, all three are essentially British historical series although Gabaldon’s shifts to Revolutionary America. A pattern there, perhaps?
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          I have read lots of books by the same author but I am a pick up and read anything kind of person, so often read what's on hand (my family has a history of handing down read books.) I do like reading something a family member has read and being able to discuss the book. I really think I should join a reading group.

          I grew up reading anything I could find so it continues, although having a kindle makes having something familiar easier.


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            I do like to read a series of books by an author. There are a couple of writers I like that usually release a book each spring or early summer - I look forward to reading the continuation of a story and revisiting the characters if it's a book I've enjoyed.


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              Not until now. I got Michael Connelly's latest book for Christmas and I really liked it. Now I'm reading a couple series from him starting at the beginning.


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                I suppose some could consider what I do binge reading by the author I like (Nora Roberts) although I don't. I enjoy her books and I read them (and re-read them) because it's what I have here at home and I have to do something while I'm at work (it gets really slow). I do on occasion get other books by other authors but lately they end up in the give away pile so when I have nothing new to read, like I said, I go to what I have here at home already instead of spending money on more new books I haven't been liking. At last count (yes, I know this is sad), it was something like 100 or so books by Nora Roberts and 10 books by other authors.

                Now that I've turned my Disney device into an e-reader, I have about 30 or so new books - and not a single one by Nora Roberts - so I'm sure I won't be reading her for a while but I'll get back into reading her again.

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                  If I want to read a book that is in a series, I start with the first, even if it isn't the book I wanted to read and continue through to the end before I read any other books outside of the series.
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                    The Hunger Games books were a true binge for me. I remember buying book 3 from Kindle/Amazon at like 1 in the morning because I needed to know what came next. ( I read a couple chapters and then went to sleep) but finished it the next day.

                    I often want to wait until a series is done before I start so that I can read one after the other.