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  • Munich, Germany Ideas

    Has anyone ever been to Munich, Germany that can suggest some of the must do's in the city or out lying areas? We are going to be there about three to four days. I have some ideas, but wanted to see what suggestions might be made.


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    I lived in Germany for 2 years. I suggest a great big storied department store. The home goods section is wonderful, buttons were sold individually and make wonderful small souvenirs. Churches and cathedrals are wonderful architecture history spots. And see if you can find a podcast. There are wonderful small street festivals. Have fun.


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      So far, we've only made it there on an unscheduled overnight stay at the airport (we were escaping the troubles in Egypt), but I do want to go out there for a long weekend sometime. Top of my list of places to see there is Neuschwanstein Castle, although I know we'd need a long weekend, as that would be a full day trip out there.

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        Neuschwanstein Castle is on my list. I found a tour that takes you to that castle and another one. You ride the train down, and a lunch stop at another town and back to Munich. It is an all day thing. But seems easier than renting a car and trying to figure out how to get there, in my opinion.

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      If you can, try to get to Zugspitze along with your Neuschwanstein outing. We did both in a day trip from Munich. You can ride a cable car or a cog train up to the top and visit the highest mountain in Germany!


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        I have visited the Munich city. There are many beautiful and attractive things. There is a cluster of art museums with many masterpieces. Marienplatz is a plaza in this city which offers coffee shops, lively fun things, shopping corners and street art. It is the best place for a tourist. There are also many other sights for fun. Englischer Garten is a great place in the mid of Munich. Victuals Market is a daily food market in which you can take original and cheap prices goods.