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    For those that have taken this cruise, what were your favorite ports? Did you find most of the ports easy to explore on your own vs doing the tours through the cruise line? We like doing things independently, but we do have a perk on the ship that includes a $50 per port credit. In glancing at the tours offered, they seem pretty pricey.

    We are looking at doing a 12 day cruise on NCL from NY to Quebec - the itinerary includes Newport, Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, Saint John, Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown, Saguenay and Quebec.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!

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    The only ones I can help with are Saint John, Halifax, Sydney and Quebec and we cruised with Disney, but I assume the excursions are pretty similar from one cruise line to another.

    Saint John: We did the Bay of Fundy coastal photography tour and got a lot out of it. The Bay of Fundy is a must-do, we were fortunate enough to see it at a rare point in the day when it wasn't flowing and then later and the contrast was amazing. We also walked through the town and really liked the city market.
    Halifax: We had two stops here (back to back cruises) and one day we did the Lunenberg tour - that is a beautiful place and I'm so glad we visited it. The second day we did Peggy's Cove and Titanic tour and Peggy's Cove was so stunning. We also did a walking tour around Halifax, although it was a LOT of walking. However, we struggled to find a taxi to take us to the other part of the city, as they wanted bigger fares.
    Sydney: We walked around the town and explored the old area, seeing the Jost House Museum (very interesting) and the St. Patrick's Church Museum. We then took the tour to Louisberg, which was enjoyable, but probably something I wouldn't necessarily recommend. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed it, just not as much as the other places we visited.
    Sagueney: We took the Discover the Fjord Treasures, which we really enjoyed, albeit you sailed back down the same stretch of waterway you come in on on the Magic. Having said that, it was a very different perspective. We didn't have time to check out the town on our day there. Be prepared for an amazing welcome from the people there - we were blown away by the welcome we got, although we were the first ever Disney cruise there.
    Quebec: We were moored just a few minutes' walk from the old city, so we just walked around, especially as we'd been to Quebec City before. It's very easy to do your own walking tour there and see all the main sights.

    With Bar Harbor, we've been on a road trip and Acadia National Park is the main draw - well worth seeing and, as for Boston, well, so much to see there. We've been four times now (I think) and we love the place. A beautiful city.

    Enjoying some relaxation time on the Transatlantic cruise on the Disney Magic - I'm Cheryl and with my husband Mark, we love visiting Disney and exploring the world...


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      Thanks so much Cheryl - I really appreciate it!

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    Newport is a pretty small city and there are lots of tours of the mansions. Boston has tons to do including the Duck tours and walking the Freedom Trail. It is easily toured using public transportation. I think it depends on what you enjoy but too much to do in a day.

    Portland is another small city (about 30K I think). I have never been as a tourist so not sure what one "needs to see". It is a nice town to visit and live in though.

    I have never been to St. John without a car but would defer to ChezP. The Reversing Falls in the St. JOhn River are interesting (although you need to time it right) IIRC, there is a restaurant at the top of the falls.

    Quebec City, IMHO is worth at least a week-fabulous city with much to see and do.


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      This cruise will just give us a little taste of each city we visit, but it should be enjoyable since we've never been on that side of the country. Newport we plan on touring two of the mansions in the morning provided we don't have any bad weather issues tendering in to that port. In Portland I think we are going to do some kind of city / lighthouse tour and have lunch and shop. We hope to see the Freedom Trail in Boston as well.

      This cruise has a lot of ports, so I still have lots of reading and research to do. It's a little overwhelming!

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