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Your favourite non-Disney destination?

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    Originally posted by MayraLR View Post
    Wait, there are other places to vacation at!?!?!? Just kidding.
    I haven't visited lots of other places, but I did enjoy my time in Chicago.
    OMG! You just reminded me of another favorite place - Puerto Rico! We spent a few days there before a cruise and we loved it! We want to go back when DH retires. I want to do the 70.3 Ironman Puerto Rico and then I won't feel guilty eating all the amazing food haha!


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      Originally posted by SuperDave View Post

      I was there in 1999 and loved Portugal. I was in Lisbon and Sintra and enjoyed them both.
      We have a house about an hour north of Lisbon. Sintra is beautiful, so much to see.


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        We usually visit family when we travel to non-Disney destinations, which means trips to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and Pennsylvania. We also really enjoy going to Canada, with a long weekend trip every year or two to Southern or Eastern Ontario and/or Southern Quebec- easily accessible from Eastern NY.

        I really do enjoy travel to Western Europe - Ireland, France, Germany and Italy, but haven’t done much of that, except when traveling for work.

        As I write this, I realize I need to look into a trip to Europe with DD & DH. I’d like to take them to see some of the places I’ve been to for work. And to see more than airports, hotels and work space.


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          Anywhere tropical

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            Originally posted by BriarRose4 View Post
            Wildwood Crest, NJ...there’s nothing like the Jersey Shore.
            I agree on Jersey Shore but I would pick Ocean City. I need a Mancos Pizza fix.


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              Our favorite is Lancaster Co. PA. We love eating Pennsylvania Dutch food. There are also outlets.

              Another favorite is a day trip away. The wineries of New York State Finger Lakes.
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                Malta. I love Malta. or Mallorca. If we're talking somewhere to live - as in "if you could move anywhere you wanted" - it would be Inverness, Scotland. Best place ever.


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                  Our favorite place, besides WDW, is Hershey, PA. Everyone is so friendly in Pennsylvania and my kids love Hershey Park. Since they know the park so well, we gave them more freedom to roam and go on rides by themselves when they were younger. We also belong to a campground association called Outdoor World and they have a beautiful campground there where you can rent cabins (like tiny houses- kitchen, bedrooms, loft). They have a pool, lots of room to play , scheduled activities , and we have s'mores most every night. It's a real family type of place for us.
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